CEO Debrief - Group Coaching Program


Dedicated to her journey, excited at the possibilities, and ready to support and be supported by a network of exceptional women - these are the words I use to introduce the CEO Debrief group coaching program.


Through weekly group coaching, we will come together to keep the momentum gained in our CEO Day Mastermind going. To allow us to continue in the phenomenal conversations we started. To be a support for one another in the highs, the lows, the triumphs, and the lessons learned.


It continues to inspire me, each time I witness a powerful woman stand up and say, 'it is my time.' Watching you step beyond your comfort zones, courageously working to shatter your own glass ceiling, it is a reminder for me that the motivation and perseverance we build together is so much more impactful than going it alone.

What to Expect

  • Over the course of 12 weeks, every week we will meet for a 90 minute, impactful, virtual group coaching session (zoom). The leader track focuses on helping the members drive results in their area of focus. Just as with the CEO Day, the group coaching program is capped at 12 participants, ensuring opportunity for all members to engage.

  • In these sessions, members will discuss the success and challenges they are experiencing, assess their results, identify breakdowns and opportunities, and celebrate!

  • Concepts can be reviewed to further deepen understanding, and coaching is provided to the group members on how to overcome challenges they are experiencing and tap into higher performance and more consistent execution.

  • Be EMPOWERED by a community of like-minded women, committed to their success and the success of those around them. With peer support you are SEVEN TIMES more likely to achieve your goals of success.

  • Leverage accountability – not only to yourself but to your support system – to be your best for others, you must first be your best for YOU!

Your Investment

Your investment in yourself, your goals, your vision, is $1297+hst. This payment can be made in full, or broken into 3 equal payments due on the 1st of each month.


Your decision to participate in the program is a confident, passionate, and firm confirmation that you see the value in investing in yourself.


Welcome to the actioning of my commitment to Community and Collaboration Over Competition!



"You brought together a wonderful, supportive and diverse group of women. You created an environment where I felt safe to share my vulnerabilities as a leader and shape my goals without feeling overwhelmed. It definitely fed the desire for personal development and networking; two crucial elements for personal and professional growth at any stage of a woman’s career".  Danielle Joworski

"Sometimes with tasks and the to do list we get lost in it because there is always so much to do.  Cheryl really helped me dissect what it means to do the mundane things that are in the business with this certain exercise that blew my mind! Its amazing what our mind focuses on sometimes. This helped me to get outside of box! If anyone needs helps with focus and intention. Cheryl is your girl"!  Amanda Gazzola