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It is finally YOUR TIME


Create a life you’re wildly in love with and unlock your power, passion and purpose

THIS IS YOUR INVITATION to be a part of a truly transformative experience.


Are you ready to create a life you are WILDLY in love with?

To unlock your power, passion and purpose?

What if I told you that the life you’ve been dreaming of is within your reach? That everything that you think is holding you back, is actually there to help you?



Would you believe me?

Take a second to close your eyes and imagine what it would be like to…

  • Feel calmer, in control of your emotions, and more relaxed

  • Stand in your truth & be empowered to achieve your goals

  • Prioritize yourself, no matter what’s happening in your life

  • Recognize & release deep seated patterns that you’re holding on to, that aren’t supportive of your goals and visions

  • Take inspired action and create tangible steps that move you toward your goals

  • Understand where your mindset is helping and hindering you

  • Feel worthy, deserving, and capable of all you desire - hint: you already are!

  • Be inspired and motivated, every single day, for the future and for your daily growth

  • Feel a deep sense of belief in yourself

  • Be clear in what it is that you want to have, do, and be

  • Know that you are not alone on your journey - that you have a community of support around you as you shift and grow

What do all of these things have in common?
What is the Key Element?
They all call on you to MASTER your MINDSET

You might be thinking…. “But I just feel so burnt out and frustrated. How can I possibly master my mindset when I feel like this?”


I know what it’s like. I was there. You might be feeling just like I was: Stuck and stagnant, fed up with where you are, maybe even repeating patterns and expecting different results. 


Maybe you help others succeed only to find out that your desires are dismissed and pushed to the side.


You often feel like you’re in a “weird” place where your life looks perfect on the outside but inside you’re miserable.


You’re doing everything expected of you, but you’re still unhappy and there’s a big part of you that is disappointed and unfulfilled, yearning for more. Knowing that there's more to life than what you’re currently living.


You see other women achieving their goals. Living happy fulfilled lives and you can’t figure out how to get there too.


You want SO much more out of life.


But you don’t know where to start. Or who to turn to.

That's why I created the NEXT LEVEL YOU IMMERSION

What If:

You could come home to yourself in a way you've never known? If you could shed the expectations, limitations, limiting beliefs, and fears that have been placed on you throughout your life?

What if you felt guided, held, and supported as you confidently stepped into your

Next Level Self?

Now, keep your eyes open and visualize yourself…

  • Understanding how your mindset shapes your life and the difference between your mindset and your attitude

  • Moving beyond what you were told about yourself when you were a child, a teen, an adolescent…

  • Knowing how to identify where there is a block or limiting belief, and being able to work through it and release it at the root

  • Reclaiming your confidence as you heal internally

  • Wearing a metaphoric tool belt full of tools that help to move you beyond your current conditions or situation that move your forward on your journey in the most aligned way

  • Creating, implementing, and achieving your goals in a way that is opposite of how you’ve been taught

  • Tapping into and actually listening to your intuition - learning to trust yourself again and exploring all that the universe has to offer

  • Letting go of the belief that money is negative or evil and creating a safe and confident relationship with money instead

  • Understanding your nervous system, how you’ve conditioned it through experience, and how to release unconscious cycles in the body 


This person isn’t far out of your reach.


Your mindset is more than just your brain. Everything that happens in your mind manifests itself in your physical world.

Roll your shoulders back and read this next part out loud:


I am the creator of my reality, good or bad, it is always in my control.

This experience will be TRANSFORMATIONAL,

a roadmap to your future self, desires and happiness.



Money Mindset,
Goals for Success, 

Your Next Level Identity



Here’s what happens when you join the Next Level You Immersion:

  • 8 Pre-recorded modules with 63 lessons

  • Supplementary worksheets to guide you through your learning experience and journey to your Next Level. 

  • EFT and Hypnosis Audio Resources  

  • LIFETIME access to re-empower you at each LEVEL UP.


Note: there will be the option to purchase a 1:1 or VIP session with Cheryl. 

*Participants will also be notified when a Live Round is schedule and can upgrade to join.


Your next level requires the NEXT LEVEL of YOU.

Your investment in your level up is $2222



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Before you go…


If there’s one thing I want you to remember, it’s this:


Trust your gut!


If you’ve read this far, I have a feeling that Next Level You Immersion could be exactly what you’ve been looking for. So don’t second guess yourself.


If you’re worried that you’re not ready yet or have questions, reach out to  you can also connect with me on Instagram @keyelementsolutions - send me a DM.


I want to help you make the best decision for you, whether that means joining Next Level You Immersion or not.


You've got nothing to lose and EVERYTHING to gain. 

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