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Meet Cheryl

Certified Leadership Coach & Mindset Practitioner

Certified 12 Week Year Trainer

and Wonder Woman

From a young age I knew I wanted to grow up and have an impact on the world. It seemed lofty, but at my core it was always there, leading and inspiring me.


So how did I get to where I am today, a coach, certified 12 week year trainer, change catalyst and speaker who is empowering women professionals, people leaders and business owners to shatter THEIR glass ceilings and achieve AMBITIOUS RESULTS.

It wasn’t an easy path! Experiencing a trauma in my late teens, everything in my world changed. The worst part of all was how drastically my inner voice to myself changed. Now believing I was damaged and unworthy of love, my life unfolded to match that thinking. Unhealthy relationships. Toxic friendships. And a world around me that matched my inner chaos.

It was one comment from my daughter that changed all of our trajectories forever. She said to me, “momma, I hate myself because my ears are broken”. 7 years old and she was saying the same thing  I had said to myself for YEARS……I hate myself because I am “damaged”.

I promised in that moment, to myself and my children, that I would do whatever was necessary to heal us and break the patterns.

So, I dismantled my world and myself. Along the way I learned a lot about life, the power of our thinking, who we are as people and how we operate on auto-pilot.

I also learned that no-one was coming to save me. When I needed a hero, I became my own. I became Wonder Woman. She isn’t a person, she is a MINDSET and she is within ALL of us.  (yes that is me in the picture as a reminder for you!)

I spent years building my career in the corporate world, loving operating on a global scale, the fast pace, the change, building high performing teams, empowering others to achieve. I struggled with the challenges of raising two children, being a single mom, and the guilt of trying to perfect work/life balance. (Little tip – it doesn’t exist, instead create work/life flow)

Then, my second major life shake-up.

I can’t even call it a health scare; it was a health brick wall. YEARS of being everything to everyone, putting off my own self-care, constantly operating at “peak speed” landed me in the hospital. It was beyond burnout. It was the diagnosis of Addison’s Disease. It was the wake-up call that life truly is short, my two children need me, I needed to be there for them, and I need to THRIVE not just survive.

So, I dove into Life By Design and remodeled mine into a life that I love, that truly fulfills me, that empowers me, that nurtures my relationships with my family and friends, a life where I am LIVING MY PASSION.


I remember hearing “be the change you want to see in the world”, and it stuck with me. I turned my struggles into my strengths. I started my own business, Key Element Solutions, to support and empower others to achieve THEIR visions of greatness. I developed programs specifically for women to reshape limiting beliefs, create community and collaboration over competition and to generate ripple out effect for future generations. Every day, each conversation I am able to have direct, long-lasting, transformational impact.

Your next level requires the next level of you. You don’t have to get there alone. There are so many ways you will grow when you engage in coaching. Increased confidence is only one of them.


Creating a life you are WILDLY in love with is what you deserve, it is what we are meant to LIVE.  I'm excited to partner with you every step of the way!

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