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Ongoing advice, motivation and coaching to help you achieve AMBITIOUS RESULTS

Are you in a highly competitive industry where you don't feel safe to share ideas?

Do you strive to accomplish more, personally and professionally?

Are you achieving your vision?

Do your goals have an execution plan? Is it working?


Recognizing challenges encountered by women executives and entrepreneurs, those trying to overturn the status quo, my 1:1 coaching supports the requirement to be ever-evolving in our leadership capabilities and, especially at times full of disruption.


Executive Coaching is for women high performers that truly want to LEVEL UP through customized, 1:1 support, strategic roadmap to capitalize on limited time, execution plan for ambitious goals.

What To Expect

  • 1:1 coaching designed just for you

  • 12 Week Year training positioning you to achieve more in less time

  • Identification and elimination of self-imposed barriers, with motivation and support to move beyond

  • Draw on knowledge from an elite mentor, increasing your impact and influence enabling higher confidence in all areas of life



"We need to shatter OUR glass ceiling so we can propel ourselves forward in our greatness. And you know what?  We will hit another, and another, and that's okay.  Because together, supporting one another, and helping to bring each other up the "ladder", we will continue to smash them". - Cheryl

  • Establish goals and then take action towards achieving them

  • Become self-reliant and gain the confidence needed to trust your vision

  • Develop a deeper and more meaningful personal and professional satisfaction

  • Contribute in a thoughtful and impactful way

  • Learn to communicate with authority and purpose - be proud of your voice

  • Build the strengths necessary for working more proactively and efficiently

The results speak for themselves through personal growth and development, motivated and focused individuals and teams, and clear, ambitious, and achievable targets. All of these things lead to dynamic and highly adaptable leaders.


  • 80% of people who receive coaching report increased self-confidence

  • Over 70% benefit from improved work performance, relationships, and more effective communication skills

  • 86% of companies report that they recouped their investment on coaching and more (source: ICF 2009)



In addition to the tangible ROI's, the feeling of fulfillment, confidence, and purpose that you will derive from CEO Accelerator coaching will enable you to continue to affect not only positive growth and change in YOURSELF but as a leader with your team, your peers, your network, and even in your personal life.

Why You Should Invest In 1:1 Executive Coaching

An Ambitious Coach for Your Personal Success; An Accomplished Catalyst for Your Career/Business Growth.


Coaching empowers greater insight, assists establishing goals and taking consistent action towards achieving them.



"Trapped in a cycle of being "busy" with limited time to devote to the progression of myself and my career, I knew something had to change. I felt as though I were merely observing rather than actively participating in the process of reaching my goals. A feeling I would equate to being stuck on a hamster wheel - you're in motion, but the destination is still undefined and unattainable.


Since working with Cheryl, I have gained increased awareness for the behaviours that were causing this feeling. I am more conscious in course-correcting early when I feel myself falling into old patterns and am proud to say that I recognize the progress I'm making - the opportunity growth I see is abundantly more apparent and available".  Dale V.

"As someone who has worked beside you and witnessed your abilities and skills and knowledge, I would love to see more and more people participate in your accelerator!  Everyone should take advantage to help jump to the next level".  Steve Strout

"I met Cheryl during a professional development opportunity that she was leading and I had the great fortune of benefiting from her abundant generosity of spirit, expertise and warmth. She took time outside of her busy schedule to help me problem-solve through conflicting goals with an approach that was equal parts results-minded strategist and empathetic, trusted confidante. Cheryl had a positive, disarming quality that quickly put me at ease and enabled me to connect to her and to her process. I was bowled over by her commitment to guiding me toward greater clarity and to supporting my individual success journey. Thank you, Cheryl"!   Angela

Your next level takes effort, planning and a mindset shift - but it also takes support.

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