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Accomplish More in 12 Weeks than Many Do in 12 Months


The 12 Week Year strategy offers businesses and professionals a way to break out of traditional, annualized thinking, to achieve 4X more productivity than before. It is a repeatable process, and most of all, it's a SUCCESSFUL PROCESS.

Like Success?

Want More of it Faster?

This powerful system provides:

  • greater clarity of purpose and vision;

  • stronger alignment of daily actions with goals;

  • an enhanced bias for action; and

  • greater accountability.


All of which leads to increased productivity and IMPROVED RESULTS.

Impact & Benefits

  • Increase your production by 30% or more

  • Produce more in less time

  • Work with more passion and urgency

  • Eliminate the thinking that holds you back

  • Gain more control of your time

  • Build a high performing team

  • Drive efficiency

  • Develop key lead and lag indicators

  • Achieve your goals, faster

Implement for attaining independent, collaborative, or corporate goals.

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"The 12 week year program is becoming an incredible success story for our business. We have landed more clients, are exploring hiring on 2-3 additional staff to meet the workload, and could feasibly meet our annual goals for all of 2020 in the first 12 week year! Thank you for your support and positive energy as we embarked on our 12 week journey. Sh@!#t like this doesn't happen without coaches/mentors like you"!  Dale V.

"I really loved working with Cheryl to implement the 12 Week Year in my business! As a busy business owner I often feel stuck in the weeds and my focus is being pulled in a million directions. Following this program allowed me to better set priorities, and stay focused on my goals. Cheryl was able to offer valuable guidance, and really took the time to understand me and my business. Her energy and enthusiasm helped to keep me motivated on my journey. I highly recommend this program to anyone seeking to make lasting and meaningful changes in their business or personal life".  Danielle B.

Copy of Accomplish more in 12 weeks than

PROVEN RESULTS to train professionals or teams to tap into greater performance, productivity and RESULTS.

With a career that includes executive and leadership positions within both the corporate and non-profit sectors on an international scale, Cheryl has used all the varied experiences gathered from her career to develop a wisdom about the nature of leadership, and alternative ways to encourage growth and success. These are rare insights that can help both individual leaders and organizations thrive.


"Cheryl is a performance driven solution provider with a rare combination of authenticity and leadership. She possesses an innate ability to connect, build collaborative high-performing teams and inspire those around her. In all dealings Cheryl exemplifies a first-class level of professionalism. Her abilities, depth of knowledge, and offerings reach far beyond her operational, process and executive specialties. Overall, Cheryl is a genuine, wonderful person who radiates a cheerful, positive attitude creating a positive culture. The opportunity to collaborate with her is always a pleasure".   Emerson Rajaram

"Cheryl and I worked on various initiatives together where I was impressed by her ability to analyze processes and information, provide recommendations and implement change. An achievement oriented strategist, Cheryl understands complex matters even when outside her direct area of expertise. Combining her excellent communication skills and ability to build relationships with colleagues and stakeholders with ease, Cheryl is always professional and a pleasure to deal with".  Ghazi Elrassoul

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