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Level Up Through Strategy, Mindset & Community


The CEO Mastermind is a 6 month experience, designed for women professionals, business owners, and leaders ready to LEVEL UP through a combination of strategy and mindset.


​I saw a major gap in masterminds, where they only focused on strategy, or they were all about the “woo” and nothing about the how.


I combine my over 15 years of strategic expertise with a decade of studying neuroscience and provide an elite level combination of strategy and mindset coaching. That is why my clients experience such growth.


​Our thoughts are either moving us towards our goals or away from them. My guess is you may not even realize just how much your thinking is impacting your success.


​As a member of the CEO Mastermind, you will be surrounded by a group of driven, committed, women who are looking to grow their leadership capabilities and their business to the multi six figure level and beyond.


It’s not just about the business or about the money, it’s creating a lifestyle, by design, that works for YOU.


The CEO Mastermind is about elevating your leadership, vision, business, and self to the NEXT LEVEL.


It will challenge you. We will also celebrate you. Be prepared to experience some major transformations.

What to Expect in the CEO Mastermind


The ultra-successful all have two things in common……..they surround themselves with Expanders and they cultivate the right mindset.


  • Strategic deep dives. I want to know where you have been, where you are now, and where you are seeking to grow. From there we craft plans to achieve the success you desire.

  • Bi-weekly group calls; we focus on growth, progress, challenges, solutions, strategy and mindset, but we also dive deep into life and energetics, and all of the things that make our entrepreneurial journey so exciting and sometimes challenging.

  • Coached on the 12 week year methodology. This is a key component of how I have successfully grown teams and businesses, and where I teach you how to reduce the overwhelm.

  • Group Voxer chat is the perfect place to ask questions, share ideas, connect with your Expanders in real time and get support from me between live sessions.

  • Mindset transformations. We all have our limiting beliefs, past experiences and “ish” that stands in our way. I also know how quickly we can move beyond limiting thinking and immerse into our new identity.

  • 5 x 1:1 coaching sessions. Sessions you can book for direct support when questions, challenges, mindset blocks pop up.

When you are in the Inner Circle, you are IN the Inner Circle. You will have access to a variety of resources.

  • My signature success program where I train the 12 Week Year methodology. You will be able to review modules and refer back when needed.

  • Bite sized trainings on specific topics.

  • A collection of mindset resources specifically designed to empower you in your NEXT LEVEL.



Elite level mentorship and guidance to really support you in moving forward in achieving ambitious results.


The investment for the CEO Mastermind is $8,000 CAD.  Payment plans available


The greatest investment you can ever make is one in yourself.


 CEO Mastermind Benefits


Here is why a mastermind is right for you:

  • You will be part of a community of like-minded, driven women who are committed to their success and the success of those around them.

  • Expanding your network exponentially adds to your ability to reach out for support.

  • Learning - those in the most senior positions of "power" - high performing individuals and leaders - they all have one thing in common, the ability to, willingness for, and excitement about lifelong learning.

  • Accountability - not only to yourself but to your support system - to be your best for others, you must first be your best for YOU!

  • Ambitious Results - with peer support, you are SEVEN TIMES more likely to achieve your goals of success.

  • Be EMPOWERED to be YOU, to hear YOUR voice, your time is NOW, and I want you to take this opportunity to seize it.


What your results will be:



  • Leverage periodization and the ability for personal and professional growth 4X in one year

  • Level up, challenge limiting beliefs and contribute to a movement of women championing women!

  • Over 80% benefit from improved work performance, relationships, and more effective communication



"I attended the CEO Mastermind and not only is Cheryl inspirational but also great at motivating you and giving you key tips and advice to take your business or career to the next level. It was equally as great having the opportunity to connect with other like-minded women in our community".  Mary Beth Kennedy

"Take it from a CEO alum and member of this growing "tribe".... If you are considering the CEO Mastermind, but are sitting on the fence, I can't encourage you strongly enough to take the leap, register and immerse yourself in this personal and professional growth experience"!   Dale Van Looyen


"The CEO Mastermind, for me, was a game changer. I left feeling validated, reflective, and inspired. I would encourage others to "take the leap," it truly has been the catalyst for meaningful change and something that continues to push me forward. I will derive benefit from this as the weeks and months progress"!   Patti Pikett


Welcome to the table, there is a seat waiting for YOU!

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