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Ready To Start Living The Life You Desire?

Do you want to increase your productivity by 30% or more?

Do you want to get more done in a day, and also avoid burnout?

Do you want to eliminate limiting thinking and regain control of your mental space?

Do you want to accomplish more in 12 weeks than most do in 12 months, and reduce the feelings of overwhelm at the same time?


The Achievement Accelerator program is an online program designed to empower YOU with the same knowledge and planning process I use to accomplish my goals quicker and without overwhelm.


People ask me all the time what my SECRET is. How I am able to do so much and not drop the ball. Well, THIS is it!

  • ​ Learn how planning goals in 12 week cycles empowers you to achieve MORE, faster.

  • Get clear on what you want in life. Not just right now, but in the future. I am all about life by design!

  • Create goals that align with your vision and you are excited to take action on.

  • Build a plan that reduces the feelings of overwhelm.

  • Learn how to measure if you are making progress and when it is time to make a change.

  • Develop greater personal accountability, stronger commitments to yourself and a deeper appreciation for taking action NOW!


You learn tools and resources to keep you on track and cultivate a SUCCESS mindset.


Whether your goals have been downgraded, put on hold, or completely thrown out the window, I am here to guide you and get you back on track to living the life you desire. We get caught up in prioritizing everyone else. This is your tipping point.  This is your chance to move beyond your current conditions and state. Nothing changes, if nothing changes.....and THIS is your sign!

The Achievement Accelerator is my signature goal program and it has been curated to meet you where you are at TODAY.  Whether you can dedicate your full attention, or just 30 minutes once a week, this online program works for you.

It's time t0 Accelerate you into the life you desire and deserve.


Your investment for the Achievement Accelerator - $444 CDN

Kickstart your SUCCESS.


"I absolutely LOVED the 12 week year workshop!  I tell every business owner I know about it. Organizing and prioritizing your day to day activities and learning how to drive your business in the direction of your goals all in one day!  Highly recommend".   Nadine Dutra

"Before taking the Achievement Accelerator workshop I was doing busy work. I was being reactive instead of proactive. My vision is clearer with where I want to be and how I'll get there. Love how it's segmented into 12 weeks. The suggestion of setting up this process with an accountability partner is keeping me on track. HIGHLY recommend working with Cheryl".   Lynn Maidment

"I took the Achievement Accelerator workshop from Key Element Solutions last spring. It was game changing for me. I've been in my industry for 3 decades, but Cheryl was able to help me refocus my approach on execution and since then, my gross revenue has more than doubled, I am on track to do that again this year and I feel more empowered, more in control and not like I have to work 80 hours a week just to try to keep up. I cannot recommend the workshop and Key Element Solutions enough. Cheryl is amazing".   Anita Woodard

"A great framework that helps focus in on creative, tangible goals to be achieved in a realistic time frame. Cheryl’s passion and personal experience helps to make the framework relatable and achievable". Erik R.


"Great workshop! Good tools to help me feel more in control of my time and what I want to achieve both in business and personally".   Christina W.

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