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I spent years building my career in the corporate world, loving operating on a global scale, the fast pace, the change, building high performing teams, empowering others to achieve. But I also struggled with the challenges of raising two children, being a single mom, and the guilt of trying to perfect work/life balance. (Little tip – it doesn’t exist, instead create work/life flow)


And then it happened. I can’t even call it a health scare; it was a health brick wall. YEARS of being everything to everyone, putting off my own self-care, constantly operating at “peak speed” landed me in the hospital. It was beyond burnout. It was the diagnosis of Addison’s Disease. It was the wake-up call that life is short, my two children need me, I needed to be there for them, and I need to THRIVE not just survive.


So, I dismantled my world and rebuilt it into a life that I love, that fulfills me, that empowers me, that nurtures my relationships with my family and friends, a life where I am truly LIVING MY PASSION.


I remember hearing “be the change you want to see in the world”, and it stuck with me. I turned my struggles into my strengths. I dove full speed into my passions, and I started my own business, Key Element Solutions, to support and empower others to achieve THEIR visions of greatness. I developed programs specifically for women to reshape assumptions, create community and collaboration over competition and to generate my ripple out effect for future generations.



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