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Let The Adventure Begin

Every year I set an intention – this intention is framed around a word that comes to me, usually in the most inopportune moments, like when I'm driving in the car and have to pull over to jot it down in my notes, in the middle of the night when I have to sit up and grab my journal suddenly, or during a speaking engagement when I need to coach myself to "remember, remember, remember."

By the start of November, I still hadn't had my intention set for 2023, and I was starting to stress… when suddenly, like clockwork, at 3:00 pm on a Monday, it came to me.

2023 is ADVENTURE. Business, life, it's OUR adventure – now the question is how are we actively creating and living it?

In 2022 my intention word was Embodiment, and it is through the embodiment work that I do that I can catch myself when I'm deregulating and bring myself back. This is the foundation for living in the adventure of life.

This allows us to recognize and understand that we don't get to control external factors; we only get to control our experiences and how we live and navigate them.

I truly believe the word adventure came to me because of how I live my life – consistently going beyond my comfort zones and knowing that I'm living on borrowed time. My father passed away young, and I've had my share of health challenges, including managing chronic illness daily.

These circumstances have encouraged me to take a hard look at where I was standing on the sidelines of life and guided me to make the decision to dive in and let it be, live it for what it is, and take the ride.

Adventure doesn't necessarily mean these big grand events; adventure is embracing the journey for what it will be.

When you approach life, both personally and professionally, as an adventure, it relieves the pressure of having everything figured out. No need to have a plan for everything or a backup plan for your backup plan (yes, I am laughing at my old self!).

Now, I know some planners reading this immediately bristled at the idea of not needing to have every detail planned and backed up. But I want you to consider this journey like a surprise.

We get excited about surprises, for example, when a loved one tells you they're taking you somewhere special but keeping it a secret. We may ask for hints, do some planning like having the right outfit to wear, etc. But ultimately, we lean into the surprise because we don't want to ruin it; we enjoy the excitement and anticipation of the unknown.

This doesn't carry over into our daily lives. Most people need to control every detail, know what's coming, and feel prepared.

The issue with this is that in trying to hold on to control, we lock ourselves into a "stuck" state. We take comfort in routine and familiarity, and there is little growth to be had here.

Instead, in the process of experiencing the adventure, you become the person you desire to be and get to have and do the things that are fulfilling to you.

So, where can you lean into the adventure, and how will you allow yourself to let go of control, even when it's tough?

There are two important questions I want you to consider and answer:

1. In what area of your life are you most afraid and why? Once you've identified your fears, they become less overbearing.

2. Where are you putting adventure on pause, and why? Be really honest about what you desire and lean into the adventure of letting yourself be surprised!

Two weeks after the word adventure first came to me, I was enjoying an episode of the Kardashians (one of my guilty pleasures), and Kim Kardashian said something that felt like it was the Universe trying to cement this intention for me. When asked what was next for her in life she replied:

"The best part of my life is that I can't foresee what the next chapter will be. I don't want to see it ahead. I just want to live it!"

The New Year is here, and none of us know what it will hold. But I'm excited … because we get to DECIDE and CHOOSE to be present for it all, fully, and live in the adventure.

Believing in you,


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