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Are you fed up with 


You hear me talking about the Next Level You Immersion program.

But Next Level You is so much bigger than just a program.

It's shedding the past.

Learning from our failures.

Releasing the expectations and limitations others have placed on us.

It's finding your power.

Reclaiming your identity.

Stepping into life by design.

"Cheryl is someone who legitimately wants to see you succeed in all that you do but she also encourages you to enjoy the ride to the top."

Wonder Woman-40.jpg

I want you to live life on purpose in a way that lights your soul on fire. It is exactly what every one of us deserves.

"Cheryl, I wanted to THANK YOU, things are looking up and the universe is showing me the signs I am asking for. YOU have helped me so much on this journey."

If you know me, you know I dream big and I set even bigger goals.

I can't wait to share with you all the amazing things we will be doing under the Next Level You umbrella.

We kick off in 2021 with the Next Level You Immersion.

The perfect time to understand WHY your new years resolutions haven’t stuck

and learn HOW to truly achieve them.

This is a six-month experience where I guide women through a very real and LASTING transformation.


Mindset, money mindset, the RIGHT goals, and your next level identity.

I've done the work. I am the product of it.

My life, my love, my success, my joy, my happiness, my family's happiness.

It is all a product of the transformational

work we do in the Next Level You Immersion.

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"Cheryl provides high-end, high-touch, direct mentorship."




We only operate from 5% of our conscious mind?

That means 95% of our actions and behaviours are fuelled from the subconscious mind.

That’s why resolutions and quick fixes don’t stick.


We haven’t addressed and changed the underlying problem.

Next Level You Immersion with KES is so much bigger than just a program.

5% of the sales from the Next Level You Immersion goes directly to the Next Level You scholarship. A fund that provides financial support to help young women on their path to education and independence.

There is also a free community, the Next Level You Collective on Facebook.
This is my inner circle, where I share insights, tips, and trainings.

It's a safe space for you to ask questions and explore YOUR journey.

We have so much in the works over 2021 and even some epic plans into 2022.

I invite you to share in this journey with me.

To maybe even step into the next level of yours.

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