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Woman Trying To Do It All Alone - This Is For YOU!

A collective of unstoppable women willing to link arms and support one another and grow together.

There's a toxic belief that you need to figure everything out on your own.


This belief goes back to childhood. Being praised for figuring things out independently and thinking it bothers others to ask for help. Yet it led to you feeling hella ALONE in starting, growing and leading a business.


Wearing all the hats is exhausting running on so little time and energy. And you know, there are critical initiatives you’re not doing that your business NEEDS to grow. 


What if I told you there’s an easier, more uplifting way to grow your business? One that fills you with confidence, spurs motivation, and keeps you accountable.

Go From Just Surviving to THRIVING!


Like you, I have lofty dreams.


I spent years building a career in corporate. Operating on a global scale, building high-performing, fast-paced teams. I struggled to raise two kids as a single mom and tried to perfect work-life balance. (Little tip – it doesn't exist.)


YEARS of being everything to everyone, putting off self-care, and constantly operating at peak speed landed me in the hospital. It was a wake-up call: 


Life is short. We need to THRIVE. Not just survive.


I know the terrifying transition from employee to entrepreneur. Feeling like a fraud, unsure, afraid to fail and look foolish. 


Back then, there wasn't a safe space and accessible resources to help move my business forward. What I did know was the importance of who I was surrounding myself with. Friends and family don't understand the realities of today's female business owners. 


I often get asked how I went from X to Y in my business and life. 


Courses, coaching, mentorship and masterminds closed the gap. 

Today I help women build lives they are WILDLY in love with.

Introducing the Next Level You Collective!


The Collective is a group that shows women what's possible. It shows you what a freedom lifestyle looks like. (Hint – The lifestyle YOU crave. Not what everyone else wants.)

This community is an incubator for your goals and vision. No matter your stage or destination in your business journey, the Collective is a safe place for support and companionship along the way.



  • Exclusive online training

  • Bi-monthly group calls

  • On-demand resources

  • Support from other women in business

  • Guidance to elevate you to your next level


How to Know You Are “Ready”


You are the woman who:

✓ Craves a space she's understood

✓ Wants clarity on her next moves

✓ Craves accountability to keep moving forward

✓ Knows mentorship helps her soar to greater heights

✓ Wants her workload to feel lighter (ooooh, and it can!)

✓ Is ready to grow an unfuckwithable confidence

(That's a beautiful side effect of being in this world with me. Sorry, not sorry!)

What Does the Next Level You Collective Include?


A community of like-minded women. Surround yourself with BELIEVERS and EXPANDERS to lift you to the next level. Share with others who understand your growing pains. Learn from those working towards similar goals. Receive feedback and use the group chat to celebrate wins and fails.


2 group calls each month. Talk about challenges, resilience, and learn to tackle tough convos and scenarios with grace. Step outside your comfort zone. Own your leadership prowess and accountability.


A signature goal achievement process. Set goals for success. Do 4X more in less time. Measure your growth and tweak your plans to reach your FULLEST potential.


Library of masterclasses. Unlock access to Collective recordings – available when you need them. Then listen back to the discussions to rediscover the learnings as you evolve.


Tools to help reach new levels in your business and life. Get the tools I use daily: EFT tapping, guided meditations, mindset resources, and more. (Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but every level of success reveals new mindset blocks.) Use these tools at every new level.


V.I.P rate to join micro-minds. Collective members are first in line for programs where we dive deep into personal transformations. Micro-minds always fill up and have a capped number of seats.

Options to upgrade. Stumble over a mindset block? Get 1:1 coaching and sessions with me when YOU need to move through challenges, faster.

How Is This Different From a Mastermind?


Connect with an inclusive group of women.

Members range from women professionals,  6-figure business owners to 1-woman entrepreneurs. No matter where you are, there's zero judgement here. Embrace a welcoming network that lifts you and moves you onward and up.


Achieve 4X more in 12 weeks.

Zone in on your most important goals and achieve results 4X faster. Achievement Accelerator training guides you to achieve the most important activities with confidence. Gain more urgency, accountability and motivation behind every step.


Experience uplifting group calls.

Quarterly we do LIVE group goal planning. You'll get my eyes on your goals and hot-seat coaching. Walk away confident in your plans. Then execute with renewed energy and oomph!


We’ll discuss topics ranging from how to:


  • Make strategic decisions

  • Building partnerships

  • Boundaries

  • Hire a team 

  • Delegate work

  • Avoid burnout

  • And much more


Harness mindset and energetics resources for success.

Learn how to challenge limiting beliefs, fear, and negative self-talk. Get grounding methods to support confidence, focus and energetic replenishment.

Investment is $300 a Month

The Next Level You Collective is renewable on 3 or 6-month terms. 6-month memberships receive a complimentary 1:1 session. Payment plans are available.


Upgrade Options for Purchase:

  • 1:1 coaching sessions

  • Package of three 1:1 coaching sessions

  • Goal strategy session

  • Mindset reprogramming session

  • V.I.P access to “micro-mind” programs


What You Get When You Join the Collective Today


Instant access to the training portal.

Get the Collective modules and resources now. Sign up and start on my signature Achievement Accelerator training and get moving towards those lofty goals.


Private group access.

Say hi! Drop an intro in the group chat and start connecting and expanding with other women in business. Get links to all the places you need to be inside the Collective.

Group call details.

Get session details upon signup so you can update your calendar and keep organized.




Hey Cheryl, I just wanted to say thank you for today. I have been super tired lately and just not into it. I was thinking about closing the doors. Our group session really helped bring me back.   Thanks again. - Jennifer

I was struggling to confidently own my time, decisions and boundaries in life and business. My roles as CEO, wife, mom & more, felt demanding and were holding me back from achieving my fullest potential. Cheryl took the time to not only listen and truly understand where I was coming from but also provided me with helpful techniques, long-lasting TIME management strategies and deeply transformative, confidence-boosting support. I am now able to set and maintain my boundaries with confidence and I feel more focused and driven in my big vision goals. As a secondary result of working with Cheryl, my relationships and self-esteem have improved drastically. Cheryl truly is an amazing coach, practitioner and all-round wonderful human.   -Shauna

If I had this coaching when I started, I would have been in the position I am after only 12 weeks! This is a tool no business owner should be without. Truly! Consider an exponential increase in your own hands because you KNOW how to work your business, your way, with tools that custom-fit your trade. I am worth the investment in growing my business forward, this just added a turbo pack.  Thank you for the opportunity to learn how to work the best asset I have: ME.   - Jo.

I have found so much value in learning how to structure my week and days in a way that is really impactful for me. Cheryl has been really helpful. The goal setting structure is amazing and so is feeling like I am not alone in experiencing challenges. Having support and community feels good as I am going through challenges. - Joanne

Working with Cheryl has been amazing! We've been working through mental blocks and she's helping me achieve goals that need to happen to grow my business. If you want to finally change your life and make it what you desire, then sign up for the program.  Cheryl guides you through every step and is there to support you as well as the other women in your cohort.  Having regular mindset and strategy discussions keeps you on track to crush your goals personally and professionally. - Jen

Being part of this group has been insightful. Everyone sharing their experiences makes me feel like I’m not alone even though we are all at different stages. I’m amazed at how vulnerable myself and others have been. It has been really supportive. - Emily


The money-mindset, the loneliness of self-growth, and imposter syndrome topics gave me so much to chew on. I don't think I realized (or wanted to admit) how much I needed those sessions. Thank you for your willingness & honesty to discuss them. - Madison


I am generally not good at staying attentive during on-line sessions. But today was different. I was attentive, my brain wasn’t jumping to conclusions. I stayed receptive. Initially, I thought it could be the meditation I have been doing over the last 24 months but it was you, Cheryl! The way your content is planned along with real time examples, helps me stay focused. I’m looking forward to the next session. - S.

Thank you, Cheryl, for leading such an amazing 12-week course. I learned so much, feel so much more confident in my business, and have a strong sense of my mindset and growth going into 2023 (my words are going to be BUILDING + BECOMING).


You are so good at what you do. I really appreciate all the stories you share and the skills you’ve helped us to develop.


Who is the Next Level You Collective for?

This community is for female entrepreneurs and professionals who crave community, support and guidance on their business journey. Members range from professionals, 6-figure business owners to one-woman start-ups. Get feedback, support, and coaching. Join us if you're ready to link arms and support each other as we grow TOGETHER.


Why Cheryl?

Since 2016, I've helped women overcome mindset and business challenges to build lives they are WILDLY in love with. I also work with corporations on business planning and achievement. I understand how isolating it can feel to go from employee to entrepreneur. But you don’t have to take the journey solo!


Through coaching, mentorship, courses and masterminds, I elevated my business from one level to the next. Inside the Collective you learn from my knowledge, training and years of implementation in teams and transforming businesses.


Why now?
You could be in the exact same place as today in one year. Ask yourself: does that thought please you? Leveling up takes hard work, dedication, and TIME. It's committing to facing truths and having difficult conversations with others and yourself. Why wouldn’t you start leveling up today?

I have questions not answered here. Who do I ask?
I’d love to chat and answer your questions.

What happens after the Next Level You Collective ends?
The Collective is a rolling community that women can join anytime. Collective members are the first to know about upcoming “mini minds” and other exciting programs.

What if I need more coaching beyond the Next Level You Collective?

You have the option to purchase 1:1 sessions with me inside the Collective portal.


Can you guarantee success?

I can give you the tools you need to succeed, but you need to do the work to achieve those goals. I'm here in your corner, rooting for you! 

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