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Beating the "Seasonal Blues"

2019 has thus far brought with it a rollercoaster of inclement weather – massive winter storms, record-breaking low temperatures, and possibly the first-ever snowfall on a state park in Hawaii. As someone who loves Winter and the outdoors, this really is my “time to shine.” But, even with my love of the white and fluffy tufts of snow that coat the ground I understand that being in the depths of the Winter season brings with it its own set of challenges for many – but especially for entrepreneurs and business owners.

Recently, I shared a post on social media that spoke to the quantitative effects that the bad weather can have on businesses. The need to shut down early, or not open your doors at all, brings revenue-loss and stress that is not as prevalent or recurring in the Summer months. Beyond this, though, is the recognition that, scientifically speaking – something we don’t tend to delve into heavily in this blog series – we as people do tend to be physically impacted by the lack of sunshine and mentally impacted by the “grey-ness” that winter brings.

All of this to say – it’s not an easy time to be you. I get it. But it’s more important now, than ever, to put the tools in place to help you combat these feelings and effects proactively so that you can set yourself up for success in the year ahead.

  1. Connect with like-minded professionals: Sometimes, the best remedy for feeling those “winter blues” is to network, connect, and engage with professionals who can relate to your situation. Working alongside those who are motivated to accomplish their own goals will help to remind you of your “why,” and trading ideas, tips, and encouragement will give you the “boost” you need! (Our workshops are an excellent place for this!)

  2. Keep your goals close: This is a tip I’ve shared before but is especially vital in battling seasonal discouragements. At times it can feel like you’re taking five steps and being pushed back ten. But by keeping your goals close you’ll be able to remind yourself of just how far you’ve come – and what could possibly be more encouraging than that?

  3. Take time out to do what you love: My personal favourite tip, and one that I use to help keep me motivated and focused throughout the long winter months. Recently, during one of the winter storms, I took the morning which had become clear after a client rescheduled and I went skiing. Why? Because I love to ski! I could have dwelled on the fact that my meeting was pushed back, that I wasn’t going to get to be as “accomplished” as I’d set out to be that day. Instead, I embraced the chance to have a little recharge time and was able to be a better version of myself in that rescheduled meeting later in the week. Trust me on this; it’s a lifesaver!

  4. Avoid the “burn-out”: Listen to your body and your mind. If they’re telling you, you’re tired or need a break – take it. You don’t have to be on all the time and taking small breaks or scaling back is okay so long as you’re moving ahead. A burn-out will result in an extended delay in progress which will only serve to make you feel worse. As leaders, our number one tool is our ability to perform so keeping yourself a priority is critically important here!

As the leader at Key Element Solutions, I am tasked not only with keeping myself but also my team and my clients motivated, engaged, and energized throughout the winter months when finding that strength can be especially challenging.

The above tips and others like it have helped me to help many professionals just like you, and I invite you to reach out and connect for your complimentary 30-minute Discovery Call where we can further discuss what your goals are and how to keep you focused on achieving them this season!

Email for more.

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