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In 2019, I chose the word ‘Immerse’ – challenging myself to immerse myself in everything, every opportunity, to keep pushing barriers and to just BE in the moments. This had a profound impact on the way I experienced things throughout the year, both new and old, and inevitably led me to my word for 2020.


It was in immersing myself that I was truly able to identify the need to evolve, evolve myself, my business, evolve in the comforts I’ve come to know, making them ‘uncomfortable’ and unknown once again. But choosing this word to define the first year of a brand-new decade did not come without much consideration.

The dictionary defines evolve as a verb that represents the process of “developing gradually, especially from a simple to a more complex form.” Was I truly ready to transform, to develop, from the person I was – with the business I know and love – and graduate to a more ‘complex’ form? Was I prepared for the myriad of “you’ve changed” responses? Could fear of this unknown pose a threat to my growth?

Yes, yes, and no.

So, what did I take into account when answering these questions?

  1. I love my life and my business because I designed them that way! This is one of the most important things I teach and mentor on – designing a life you love. The confidence that my training in the 12-Week-Year methodology provides, means that I know I can set ambitious results for myself and tackle them – 12 weeks at a time – in a way that makes me more efficient and productive. This alone meant that I could achieve success if I set my mind to it – but it was something even more significant than that. It was the knowledge that my ability to evolve would empower those around me, my family, friends, and clients to do the same. If I took this step, my business and I would be in a prime position to continue to offer the best of “us,” and that was something I knew I was motivated to achieve.

  2. If you follow along on my social channels, you know that the challenge of confronting those in your network who accuse you of “changing” is not something new to me! I used to fall victim, allowing these accusations to change the narrative in my head that questioned if my growth was really a good thing. Then a conversation helped to shift my perspective. It was in understanding and respecting that not everyone wants to see you succeed, not everyone is willing to grow, and that their choice does not have to define your own that I was able to battle back. Advancing myself and my business through a motto of “community and collaboration over competition.”

  3. I have talked at length about my personal excitement and ability to thrive beyond my comfort zone. It is where I feel most motivated and something that hasn’t posed a huge threat to my professional or personal development over the years. I understand that this is not the case for everyone, and that is why I use my 3-Step Quick Start program to ease professionals into the coaching dynamic. Allowing them to define what success looks like for them, to identify the roadblocks that keep them from reaching this success, and to set a plan of action that will help embolden them in the face of the “unknown.”

If you are like me and came into this new year ready to achieve – motivated to realize your goals – wanting to make a change for the better, then I invite you to evolve with me! In the spirit of advancement and growth, I re-visited old systems and structures within my business and innovated the Insight Call.

An Insight Call is our opportunity to work together to define where you are and determine the best path forward. These calls are a fantastic way to take that ‘first-step’ in the right direction toward your goals, and I release a limited number of spots each month. It’s time to take the leap and start investing in yourself!

Email to begin your journey today.

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