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How Do You Introduce Yourself?

Hello [Insert Your Name Here], I'm Cheryl; it's so nice to meet you!

Every day we're confronted with new opportunities to introduce ourselves. Thinking back on our days in school, be it elementary, high school, or college, introducing yourself was practically a prerequisite to starting a new class.

"Let's all go around the room and say our name and one fun fact about us!"

Somewhere along the line, though, we started to get it wrong.

Our fun facts evolved from things like "I love animals, I’m really good at skating, I can draw cartoons" to "I work in tech."

Somewhere along the line, we stopped seeing ourselves as being valid or worthy outside of our "titles". Seeking credibility first through what we do.

Hi, I'm Cheryl; I'm a wife, mother, and business owner. Sure, this is all true. And things that I am proud of, proud to be, but I'm also so much more than that…

I am an official, unofficial, king charles cavalier collector! I am not just a trauma survivor; I am a THRIVER. I love deeply and wear my emotions openly. I have come through the darkest of storms and rebuilt a relationship with myself that I can only describe as beautiful and pure. ⁠

I'm incredibly loyal and value the same from others. I see the greatness within others, and it brings me the most joy to empower them to connect to it and live a life fulfilling to them. I'm a science nerd, obsessed with flamingos and love shoes and purses. I break out in random dance moves in my kitchen or the grocery store aisle. ⁠

My car is always a full-on concert. I am silly, quirky, passionate, and serious. I can command a meeting room, bring an audience to tears through my storytelling, and I love to negotiate. Being near or on water is my happy place.⁠

I am Cheryl Himburg.⁠

When confronted with the question "who are you," I'd like you to consider the following:

You're worthy of introduction in the same warm and exuberant manner you introduce your best friend. Looking at her, you don't just see her as an architect, educational assistant, IT supervisor, stay at home mom, etc. You see the woman who can't help but stop to pet every dog she meets on the street. The one whose chocolate chip oatmeal cookie recipe is the cure for ALL that ails you. The one who knew better than to cut bangs the night before senior prom but who did it anyways because "it's just hair; it'll grow back!"

While your titles are a component of your life, and may be something to be proud of, they don't define your entire being. You are complex and multifaceted. You are the world's greatest [insert job title here], but you're also a not-so-secret Elton John super fan. You can recite the lines from your favourite romcom verbatim and are never without a new novel on the go. You're the one who everyone goes to for advice. The woman who always picks tea over coffee … you are so much more than your titles. I want you to EMBRACE HER!

Not sure where to begin? Start by answering the following:

1. What is one thing I love about myself?

2. What is the first thing I look forward to at the end of a long day?

3. What excites me?

4. Where do I derive the most genuine joy?

5. How would MY best friend introduce me?

Here's the thing, when I talk about meeting your next level best, I really mean it. I mean that next level version of yourself, the you who, when you envision her, motivates you to keep pushing forward.

Your next level best is ALL ENCOMPASSING. And meeting her, achieving her, requires you to see yourself for all the amazing things you are and, by extension, all the amazing things you can and WILL be when you commit to reaching your goals.

But first you need to meet you NOW. Build a relationship with her. Love her.

Often, when introducing myself, I am asked why I didn't take my husband's last name, and my answer is simple – I matter, my name matters, and I am proud to be me. I've worked so hard, for so long, to build myself into a woman who is unapologetically herself, unashamed of her journey, and so proud to be inspiring other women to do the same.

I believe so much in the power of mindset, and how we speak to ourselves directly correlates to how likely we are to succeed.

Use the prompts above, and the concepts from this blog, to craft your bio about YOU. I challenge you to not include your marital or parenting statuses. Really spend some time on this so that the next time you are in the position to share about yourself you can override the robotic “role title” response and instead use that opportunity to truly engage with the people you are with and create a more meaningful connection.

So again, I'll ask, who are you? It is my absolute pleasure to meet you.


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