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Mindset vs. Attitude

I often talk about the power of mindset. But do you really know what mindset is?

Growing up we were always told to have a good attitude. That was the way to happiness and success. But were you taught how to cultivate the RIGHT mindset, or what the difference between the two are?

Mindset is sometimes confused for attitude, and I want to discuss how they are different, but intertwined.

Attitude is how we interact with the world. This comes from our conscious mind and is only responsible for 5% of our thinking and actions.

Our mindset is how we perceive the world around us. This is our subconscious mind and powers 95% of our thinking and actions.

When we pause to consider that 95% of our actions are motivated by our subconscious mind, it pulls into perspective just how critical it is to form and maintain a mindset that is aligned with where you want to be. The life you want to lead, the goals you have for yourself, the type of love you want to share and receive.

This means that the patterns – or paradigms – that exist in our subconscious mind are the primary driving force behind the way we either succeed or fail to meet the goals we have set out for our lives. These subconscious paradigms that shape our mindset are developed from a number of sources, our peers, schooling, work and life experiences. But most importantly, the bulk of our underlying thinking and habits are created between birth and the age of seven. During those formative years our brains serve as sponges, soaking up everything that is said to us, that we see, hear, feel, experience – all of these things creating our subconscious thinking patterns and paradigms.

The way we engage with the world around us is heavily influenced by the subconscious patterns, and bias, we have developed. This means that each action we take is motivated, predominantly, by our mindset.

There are two primary “types” of mindset: Fixed and Growth.

A fixed mindset says that success is an inherent trait belonging only to those who are, in some way, exceptional. It's the belief that no matter what you do or how hard you try, you can't actually change your outcome. A fixed mindset makes setting - and achieving - goals feel out of reach and impossible. It can lead to feelings of being 'trapped' or hopeless.

Instead, a growth mindset says your efforts MATTER. That you can, and will, achieve your goals if you align your thinking and your actions. People with a growth mindset thrive in a challenge, and they don't fear failure, taking each as a lesson to improve, and not simply accepting the conditions around them. When operating from a growth mindset, people recognize failure as information and use that information to drive even more abundant success. They also remain focused on where they are going, not what may have happened in the past.

Building and maintaining a growth mindset is one of the most crucial factors for success. Your thinking fuels your actions which in turn draws to you your results. When your mindset is focused, your actions - and attitude - align to move you closer to your greatest potential. This is where the interaction between how we perceive the world around us and how we interact with it becomes critical.

Too often, though, and especially over the course of the last year and a half, women are called on to leave behind their pursuits for the needs of their families and the people around them. Pausing or outright abandoning personal goals and ambitions, businesses, and career growth to serve as the primary caretaker for their household.

If this sounds like you, it's time for a mindset glow-up. It's time to invest in you.

Through my Next Level You Glow-Up, I have created a 'starting point' for those who just don't know where to begin. I share information on Mindset, Goals, and Identity - even a mini-module on Money Mindset introducing you to how your relationship with money can either support or stifle your ambitions.

These are things I have used that have empowered me on my journey, nothing overwhelming, just that kick-start needed to get you primed and ready to make a mindset shift that will change your life.

Work through it at your pace when you have time. Ten minute, easy to absorb video segments, journal prompts, and activities to assist you in moving FORWARD.

As I always say, nothing changes if nothing changes.

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