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Moving Beyond Your Comfort Zone

Recently, I recorded a video for my social media subscribers about dispelling feelings of being unworthy. I set up my phone on a little tripod, opened the camera app, and hit ‘record’ on the video feature – pretty standard.

What wasn’t standard about this experience was the overwhelming fear I had while putting it together. I’d spent the better part of my morning “psyching myself up” to record the video. Telling myself, I could do it ONCE, and that was it – otherwise, I knew I’d lose a whole day on recording and re-recording in an attempt for some version of perfection that I wasn’t likely to find.

Why? Well, truthfully, though I am most at home on-stage or in front of an audience, leading them through training, a workshop, or presenting as a keynote speaker – when it comes to video recording myself … I freeze up. This is something that is simply beyond my comfort zone.

How can you be so comfortable in front of an audience but not sitting alone speaking into the camera? I’m not sure. But that’s the most important thing I want to drive home through this blog post … there isn’t always a correlation between our fears/limitations and the things we CAN do comfortably and confidently. Fear doesn’t always “make sense.” Recognizing that it exists, though, and working to break through the barriers it presents? That is success.

As most of you know, my word for 2019 is Immerse; I set out on a journey to immerse myself in all aspects of my world – both personal and professional. This also meant immersing in the things outside of my comfort zone, and that’s what prompted my video recording.

Comparatively, the journey to break free of your comfort zone is similar to that of shattering your own glass ceiling – something that I focus on in my CEO Day program. How so? It starts by identifying what you want, setting a strategic plan – with actionable goals, and then comes the hard work – building a support system to help and encourage you. For me, my family and close friends have been HUGE supporters, often cheering me on in the background to get on video and share my message.

There is a unique sense of pride that comes from conquering – or even just baby-stepping through – our fears because it’s something that does not come naturally. In fact, in some cases our mind and body work AGAINST us … I felt so sick, for example, as soon as I’d hit end on the recording! We are designed to have triggers and warnings that go up when our system knows we’re encountering something uncomfortable. Battling through THOSE barriers can be the biggest challenge of all.

My advice to you, be patient with yourself but don’t make excuses. Choose one thing, today, that scares you and begin to plan on how you can overcome it over the next 90-days. Using the 12-Week-Year Method, you will be able to break down your larger goal (conquering your fear) into small attainable and quantifiable successes/steps that will see you on your way to achieving this in no time!

Here are a few quick tips to follow when starting:

  1. Expose your fear – by actually speaking about what it is that is holding you back you’re bringing it to the surface and opening up an opportunity for dialogue that will help you understand WHY this is so limiting for you. Sometimes, the scariest part is the “unknown.”

  2. Dissect your fear – break it down, why is this intimidating for you? What part scares you the most, is there an aspect of it that is less scary? By compartmentalizing all of the elements that work together to create this “fear,” you are better equipped to tackle them, piece by piece.

  3. Go “all-in” – by far the hardest step, but also the most crucial. Rather than running from your fear, take yourself through it. As I did with my video, I set a parameter for myself, one take and done. It ensured that I had an “end in sight” that allowed me to champion through and get it done. Sometimes leaning into your fear is the best way to realize… it’s not so scary!

For more information about my CEO Accelerator coaching program, CEO Day mastermind, or the 12-Week-Year visit and request your FREE Insight Call.

Together, we can achieve ambitious results!

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