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Personal Development - Why Everyone is Focused on it and What it ACTUALLY Means!

In a recent poll, I asked women what they were currently focusing on – personal development or business growth.

Almost unanimously, respondents confirm that personal development is THE focus of 2022. It's also an area that most people seem to have the most difficulty navigating.

I wanted to explore more about what personal development REALLY means and how you can harness it to become a version of yourself you are proud to know.

At a technical level, personal development "consists of activities that develop a person's capabilities and potential, facilitate employability, and enhance quality of life and the realization of dreams and aspirations."

At its core, though, I believe personal development should be like building a relationship with yourself.

Let's consider what building a relationship looks like in a "traditional" sense.

You start with an introduction – learning about your likes, dislikes, interests, passions, and goals.

You go on "dates" and spend time together – this allows that basic knowledge to blossom into a core understanding. You ask deeper, more meaningful questions. Graduating from "where do you see yourself in five years" to "why do you see yourself there in five years." This is a critical stage. It's about tearing down walls and exploring a more meaningful connection with yourself that perhaps you never thought to form before.

You start to fall in love – only by deciding that this relationship is valuable and worthy of investment and commitment to continuous effort and growth can you truly fall in love. One of my favourite people to follow on Instagram, Erin May Henry of Chillpreneur, talks about becoming the coolest person you know.

So, what if we did just that? Spent 90-days becoming the coolest person that you know. How could that help to propel your personal development journey?

A few of my favourite things to do when working on my relationships with myself include:

Journaling: Sometimes freehand and others following a specific prompt. Journaling gives me an outlet for things that I have been hesitant to confront out loud or am actively working on manifesting in my life. It's a meditation of sorts, a recording of the thoughts and ideas that shape me into the best version of myself, one that I am constantly evolving.

Vision Board-ing: Even if it's not your thing, moving through the motions of finding images and phrases that speak to a part of you that you have yet to explore is so energizing. Create a vibey Pinterest board of future you who is growing and experiencing life. Even more thrilling? Looking back on an old board and seeing something you had added now actualized in your life. Maybe it's your dream car or vacation home. Or a travel destination. Or skydiving. Or your first piece of pottery. Witnessing manifestations come to life is a bit of magic in and of itself.

Reading: There is nothing better for me than a warm cup of tea and a great book – add a little snowfall outside my window, and it is pretty much Nirvana. I am constantly absorbing knowledge from individuals I admire, those I aspire to emulate, and those whose journeys motivate me to continue my own self-exploration. To know me is to know that I absolutely let books change my life – the 12 Week Year, for example, helped set me on the path to where I am today.

Connect with Cool People: I am a firm believer that if you are the most accomplished person in the room, you're in the wrong space. I love to surround myself with expanders and know first-hand that having a network of like-minded individuals around you is critical to achieving your goals. In fact, you are 7x more likely to succeed with peer support!

Lastly, Try NEW Things: This goes back to becoming the coolest person you know. What do you want to do, explore, try, experience? How are you becoming this awesome, next level, version of yourself?

Set yourself up for SUCCESS. We all have moments where we falter. The inner critic talking us out of stepping from our comfort zone. Know it will happen and be prepared for it. Find a mentor. Someone you look to as an example of where you aspire to be. This person should be able to hold you capable and guide you when learning to love yourself feels extra challenging.

Don't know where to start? I created a free mini training designed to ignite your inner spark of what you desire. For you. Not what you feel is expected of you. It will help get you started on the path to designing a life you are wildly in love with. You can access the free training here:

Nothing to lose, so much to gain, your Next Level self is calling – will you answer her?

Believing in you,


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