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Designing Your Model Week

Welcome to designing your Model Week 101!

Before you get started, it’s essential to understand WHY using this system will help to bring you clarity, keep you focused, and will get you to those #AmbitiousResults.

Let’s begin simply enough by taking into account what a “regular” week might look like for a female business leader.

There are:

  • Emails and calls to respond to

  • Connections to reach out to

  • Vendors to check-in with

  • Staff to lead

  • Clients to engage with

  • Social media/marketing to coordinate

  • Ballet lessons

  • Hockey practice

  • Yoga

  • Date night

  • Dinner with that friend you haven’t seen in months

And this is putting it mildly. Tired yet? Sometimes it can seem as though the world is working against us, we get ahead by an inch and then succumb to “falling behind” by a mile when we realize we neglected to do one of our “big things” because we got so caught up in the minutia of our week.

Think back to the story about fitting the rocks into the jar. For those of you unfamiliar, a professor challenged his students to fit sand, small pebbles, and larger rocks into a glass jar. Many students struggled to fit all of the elements and proclaimed the task “impossible.” It wasn’t until the professor showed them that by placing the large rocks in first, letting the pebbles follow to fill in the spaces, and finally adding the sand to seal the crevices that everything would “fit.”

Using this logic, it becomes more evident why in letting the “small stuff” like the pebbles and the sand take the lead in our week we lose out time, space, and energy for the bigger rocks.

Enter, the Model Week System and my challenge to you.

  1. Start by identifying the critical things you need to do in your week and how you plan to get them done – these are your rocks, enter them first!

  2. Get hands-on, print out a calendar, use your planner, or put it into your phone, just be sure you’re nice and organized with this step. Using colour coding (for example, key critical = red, family = purple, etc.) will help you to understand the “make-up” of your week at a glance and will provide a visual to help you determine if your week is manageable.

  3. Say no to things that don’t fit into the flow you need for that week – it’s okay to say no to things that aren’t right or that aren’t tied into your priority/goal. Remember, add the “sand” last but be sure to prioritize YOURSELF in this stage, once you are confident you have allocated proper time and focus to your big rocks you are in a better position to determine how much residual energy you will have for the “extras.”

  4. Most importantly, build in the things that recharge and fulfill you as well as things that will help you reach your goals. If your Tuesday art class at 4:00 pm fulfills the creative in you, make that a “big rock,” a non-negotiable, date night, game night, coffee with friends, etc. You know what you need to thrive through your work week, go on, and give it to yourself!

By setting up your Model Week, you can easily identify areas where you need to take back, where you’re efficient, where you’re wasting energy, and where you could add something that rejuvenates you. This system will enable you to much more swiftly and accurately decipher where the trade-off on your time is happening and will allow you to ask the critical question “am I doing this in the right areas?”

By setting your week up in priority sequence, you will see the incredible increase to your efficiency, to your success, and to your sense of self! Keeping your Model Week, your Vision Board, and your ‘Why’ close will continue to provide energy and motivation in times of setback, frustration, or delay.

If you are interested in learning how the Model Week can be tied into our coaching program or 12-Week-Year training email

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