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Your Next Level Requires the Next Level of YOU

Updated: May 3, 2020

You’ve been working so hard to drive your business, or your career, to that next level – but can’t quite seem to get there. Your frustration kicks in, wondering why, when you’re so motivated and focused, it still seems just out of reach.

This is something I have heard countless times before, and my response is almost always the same: your next level requires the next level of YOU! It’s not enough to simply plan for the professional requirements and outcomes, you have to also consider how you will grow and adapt as an individual to meet new challenges and advancements head-on and strong.

Consider the process you go through when you have identified that you’re ready to take your career or business to that next level. Some of the questions you might ask yourself, for example:

  1. Do I have funds available to grow my business/take time off to decide what my next career move should be?

  2. How do I market myself/my business for new, bigger opportunities?

  3. Do I have the support in place to take on more clients / explore a new career opportunity?

And the list goes on.

Now, let’s revise these questions to help you determine whether you’re ready to evolve to that next level of you:

  1. Have you invested in yourself? – Investing in you can come in a variety of forms; this includes attending professional seminars, workshops, taking a specialized course, or even working with a coach. When you recognize that in order to take your career/business to the next level, you first need to be at that next level of YOU, then the need to invest in that growth becomes so much clearer and prominent in your world. The first step here is to identify the right opportunities for you – scheduling an Insight Call with me provides an opportunity to discuss your growth plans and what programs or coaching might align best in helping you to achieve your #AmbitiousResults.

  2. Are you ready for change? – Attracting bigger or “better” opportunities for you comes with the reality of change. Change in the flow of your world, change in the demands on your time, your energy. And change in how you’re able to navigate the vision you have set out for yourself. This is why it is CRITICAL to determine how prepared you are for this change, and to set a strategic plan of action in place that will allow you to hit each step confidently. Ensuring you are tied in with your vision, your “why” will keep you on the right path, but tools, including the 12-Week-Year, can better position you to plan for the achievement of your goals in a way that is 4X more efficient and will help to mitigate any potential for burnout that is associated with growth.

  3. Is Your Network in Alignment with Your Net-worth? –  There is a famous quote often associated with Confucius that says, “if you are the smartest person in the room, then you are in the wrong room.” Consider what this quote has to teach you about taking yourself to the next level. Often, who we surround ourselves with can be a direct source of inspiration and aspiration. This is the mindset with which I developed my CEO Day and Accelerator programs. Identifying a need for women professionals (with emphasis) to have a network of like-minded peers to drive the pursuit of shattering their own glass ceiling. To honestly know whether you’re positioned well to get to YOUR next level, take a look at your network and identify where there may be room to grow!

It can be challenging to critically assess where we are as individuals to determine whether we are genuinely well-positioned to achieve not only the next level of professional success but the next level of US. Going beyond this comfort zone and emphasizing the need to evolve – my word for 2020 – will allow you to navigate best the highs and lows that are associated with any progression and change.

My passion is in working directly with clients to help them see their truest potential; I am dedicated to empowering individuals to define their impact on a grand scale and to achieve ambitious results.

Scheduling an Insight Call allows us to define a path-forward in preparing yourself, your career, and your life to #LevelUp! Are you ready?

Email to schedule your call, availability is limited!

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