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Next Level Thinking Leads to Ambitious Results

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Often, as an executive coach, we are contacted for support when the “check engine” light of the organization comes on. There is a breakdown somewhere within the organization that requires immediate attention and repair.


Now imagine what it would be like if you transitioned to a proactive versus reactive state.  How would it feel coming in to work every day? How would your business be operating? What would the output of your team be?


Still curious how coaching can accelerate your performance? Below are some examples of how coaching has helped our clients achieve greater results:

  • Cultivated a leadership strategy to accelerate organizational growth

  • Progressed a strategy to effect culture change

  • Transitioned to a capable working environment

  • Increased employee engagement and productivity

  • Aligned leadership vision with corporate strategy

  • Acquired strategies to prioritize work and issues

  • Improved ability to influence

  • Re-engaged members experiencing change fatigue

  • Empowered leadership capabilities to build high-performing team with boundaries

  • Leveraged stretch opportunities to address organizational challenges

While each coaching program is customized to correspond with individual goals, challenges, and requirements, areas of focus often touch upon:

  • Engaging Leadership

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Communication Development

  • Disciplines of Execution

  • Delegating for Success

  • High-Performance Teams


Seeking corporate advancement? You can learn effective goal-setting strategies, effective communications, managing change, increasing influence, and building high-performing teams that get results.

Impact & Benefits

  • Empower business through greater insight

  • Establish goals and take consistent action towards achieving them

  • Develop skills to communicate and influence with authority and purpose

  • Discontinue reacting and start responding and proactively planning

  • Develop a deeper, more meaningful personal and professional satisfaction


Let's connect, discuss your ambitions and how coaching can radically transform your career, business and life.

Time is our greatest commodity.  It is the one thing, that when gone, it can not be replaced or recreated.

How much time have you let pass by, wondering how to advance in your role, career or business? Are you achieving your leadership vision? Can you afford to let more time continue to pass you by?

Executive Coaching is an incredible opportunity for professionals, people leaders and business owners to gain customized, one-on-one support as you navigate the unique challenges and opportunities on your path to success.


With a profound understanding of the challenges encountered by executives, entrepreneurs and those simply trying to overturn the status quo and shatter traditional thinking, working with Cheryl instills a passion for change, a desire to innovate and a drive to seek out ambitious results.


"I met Cheryl during a professional development opportunity that she was leading and I had the great fortune of benefiting from her abundant generosity of spirit, expertise and warmth. She took time outside of her busy schedule to help me problem-solve through conflicting goals with an approach that was equal parts results-minded strategist and empathetic, trusted confidante. Cheryl had a positive, disarming quality that quickly put me at ease and enabled me to connect to her and to her process. I was bowled over by her commitment to guiding me toward greater clarity and to supporting my individual success journey. Thank you, Cheryl"!   Angela

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