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Social Responsibility and Business

You don’t have to look far, in today’s news and social media feeds, to find instances where businesses have been held accountable for unfair practices, inappropriate treatment of customers, or affiliation with agencies that go against the “common good.” Of course, these instances often lead to a well worded and strategically placed apology. In an attempt to regain the trust of the general public and to reposition and realign with social responsibility. At Key Element Solutions, we prefer holding ourselves capable, not accountable, when it comes to social responsibility.

Never before has there been quite as much emphasis placed not only on how businesses service their clients, but also, how they serve their communities. This is why the foundation of any strong, thriving, operation must exist in social responsibility. At Key Element Solutions, involvement in the community and support of local charities and groups has always been paramount to our mission. From volunteering with Monica Place to donations for various Youth sports groups, community programs and initiatives; our belief has always been that success is measured by how you are able to help others.

Why We Give Back to Our Community?

As our world continues to shift ever increasingly towards a “Global Market” mindset, where interactions with and exposure to communities as close as your backyard and as far away as the opposite side of the globe, are equally accessible, it is more important than ever to dig deep and find the Social Responsibility goals that align best with your business. As business owners, entrepreneurs, and people leaders, we’ve all experienced the struggles that come along with growing something – nurturing it through the “tough stuff” – and the feeling of accomplishment when you see it succeed. For many community projects, charities, and organizations these same accomplishments are next to impossible to achieve without the contribution and thoughtful collaboration with businesses like yours. Giving back not only enables you to spread an infectious positivity throughout your organization but also provides you with the great privilege of sharing the success you’ve achieved with those who will undoubtedly feel its impact, tenfold.

How Does Social Responsibility Boost Business?

Jumping off the above, let’s take a look at how Social Responsibility can help boost your business. Often, as we sit and contemplate our marketing initiatives and how to both quickly and cost-effectively get our name/brand “out there,” it can become a pain-point to try and decipher ways to generate true connections. Aligning your business with a worthwhile cause – a double benefit of attracting new clients to your organization and supporting a cause near and dear to your heart – also allows you to engage with other businesses, service providers, and leaders in the community who share in your same passions, vision, and goals! Social Responsibility has become increasingly scrutinized by the modern consumer – whether you’re a B2B or B2C business, people want to know they are working with a team that shares their values and who will go the distance in representing them well by association. The more you can identify your company as holding a strong sense of Social Responsibility the more confident your customers will feel in aligning themselves with you! The same can be applied to networking, as some of the most genuine and authentic experiences shared amongst entrepreneurs are done so while engaging with, and supporting, causes which have drawn shared interest and motivation to push for a “greater good.”

Seeking out opportunities to do more, and to do good in your community authentically needs to be about more than just consumer recognition, profitability, or internal promotion. As a business owner, it has always mattered to me that my company is a reflection of the personal values and missions I hold near and dear. The same should ring true for any leader looking to expand Social Responsibility within their organization. Starting first from a place of genuine passion and commitment to the cause, or causes, you are most directly moved by will always ensure that your business demonstrates the fundamental principles of giving – including selflessness, compassion, and a desire to improve the community around you. Who wouldn’t want to associate with that?!

To learn more about how to align your business with causes, charities, or events that meet your corporate mission email; we’re happy to assist our network in finding their “passion projects!”

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